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Prosthetics // Microprocessor Feet 

Pro-Flex® Family

Pro-Flex prosthetic feet feature a proprietary 3-blade design with full effective toe lever and a more anatomical split toe.  This gives the push-off you need for a more fluid, natural and confident stride.  Pro-Flex is now available with heel-height adjustability to accommodate a variety of your daily activities.

Ossur Pro-Flex Pivot prosthetic foot.jpg


Pro-Flex® Pivot

The Pro-Flex Pivot is an innovative multi-blade prosthetic foot, featuring a pivot mechanism.  It lets you move easily and naturally, with an excellent range of ankle motion and powered push-off without a motor.  It's smooth, comfortable and adapts seamlessly to your daily needs.

Ossur Pro-Flex LP Align prosthetic foot.jpg


Pro-Flex® LP Align

The Pro-Flex LP Align combines functionality, comfort and aesthetic design.  Up to 2 3/4" hell height adjustability, it allows you the freedom to choose footwear that bests suits your activities, without compromising alignment, posture, dynamics or practicality.

Ossur Pro-Flex LP prosthetic foot.jpg
Ossur Pro-Flex LP Torsion prosthetic foot.jpg


Pro-Flex® LP

With a range-of-motion compare to a standard height foot, the Pro-Flex LP is specifically designed for those with longer residual limbs.  A full-effective toe lenngth and 'reverse tapered' technology allow the Pro-Flex LP to land and bounce back with comfort for a Wie range of activities.

Pro-Flex® LP Torsion

The Pro-Flex LP Torsion combines Pro-Flex LP foot with shock absorption and rotational capabilities.  It delivers a level of ankle power, energy return, and overall dynamics that often eludes those with longer residual limbs.

Ossur Pro-Flex XC prosthetic foot
Ossur Pro-Flex XC Torsion prosthetic foot.jpg


Pro-Flex® XC

Pro-Flex XC prosthetic foot is designed for active users who enjoy hiking and jogging, as well as walking on level ground.  

The Pro-Flex XC foot reduces the need for you to actively push your body forward and helps to equalize stride length.  It allows for forward progression of the limb, reducing impact to the joints for ultimate comfort and ease.  It also includes a lightweight foot cover featuring a grippy sole for barefoot stability on wet, slick surfaces.  It is easy to clean, adapts to a range of footwear and has a natural arch and footprint.  Pro-Flex XC is fully resistant to both chlorine and salt water submersion.

Pro-Flex® XC Torsion

The Pro-Flex XC Torsion is specifically designed for those with longer residual limbs.  A full-effective toe length and 'reverse tapered' technology allow the Pro-Flex LP Torsion to land and bounce back with comfort for a wide range of activities.

Ossur Pro-Flex ST prosthetic foot.jpg
Ossur Pro-Flex Modular prosthetic foot.jpg


Pro-Flex® ST and Modular

Both the Pro-Flex ST and Modular is designed for low to high active users looking for flexibility and confidence to face everyday life activities.  


This versatile waterproof prosthetic foot provides a smooth rollover and controlled push-off making it easy to go through the full-stride on different terrains thanks to it's multifunctional design, combining dynamics and ground compliance.

The difference between the two is that the Pro-Flex Modular features a height-adjustable shank which minimizes need for additional components, making this a lightweight option.


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