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Prosthetics // Microprocessor Knees


The Genium microprocessor is an unprecedented, natural gait pattern, taking stairs step-over-step, overcoming obstacles, walking backwards, relaxed standing.  Based on human movement as the model, the Genium has been developed even further. The result is a noticeably smoother gait and even better support and safety in everyday situations, for instance on ramps, in confined spaces or when changing walking speeds.

genium stock image.jpg

Genium® X3

​The X3 has now been developed even further for smoother, more intuitive walking, improved safety, and better support in everyday situations.  Building on the unique functionality of the Genium, the X3 is robust and resilient.  Physically demanding occupations, an active family life, swimming and sports activities, and situations where you encounter water, dust, sand, dirt, or grime – these are the ideal conditions for the X3.

The X3 lets you shower, swim, or work in damp conditions without thinking twice.  Special materials, coatings, and components protect the electronics.  The joint is waterproof (even when exposed to strong jets of water) and corrosion-resistant.


Restoring Real Life Ability


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