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Our Team //

Steven P. Lattanzi, CP, COA, CPO


"Steven has helped me tremendously to understand how I will proceed on with my life with my prosthetic.  I am very happy I found your company."

~ Janet S.

Steven P. Lattanzi, CP, COA is an ABC Certified Prosthetist.  He graduated from Northwestern University Prosthetics Orthotics Center, with a certificate in Prosthetics and completed his residency with Real Life Prosthetics.


Steven also worked for 8-years in the pedorthic shoe field.  He has extensive knowledge of prosthetic components and is certified in application of microprocessor knee joints such as Genium, C-Leg, and Orion.  He is also trained in elevated vacuum units like Harmony and Limb Logic, as well as myoelectric upper extremity prosthetics and the Helix hip joint.  Steven is well versed in different casting techniques from hand casting to pressure casting to computer assisted design (CAD).


He has been trained as well in lower extremity orthotics, working with custom arch supports, ankle-foot, knee-ankle-foot and knee orthoses.  This experience has led to further development in hybrid orthotic-prosthetic designs for individuals with multiple complications.  


Steven is also involved with local VA amputee clinics, providing care for military veterans who have encountered limb loss.

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