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Olivia G. Slaughter, MSPO, CPO

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"Real Life Prosthetics does everything right!  I consider myself extremely fortunate to be a client of theirs."

~ Karen G.

Olivia Slaughter, MSPO, CPO, became a valued member of our Real Life Prosthetics team in June 2021 after earning her Master's Degree in Orthotics and Prosthetics at the University of Pittsburgh. She successfully completed her 18-month residency with RLP in December 2022 and achieved ABC certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics in June 2023 following a strenuous series of five board examinations.

Olivia's expertise is accessible across our Glasgow, Abingdon, and Wilmington offices, where she passionately collaborates with multidisciplinary teams on complex orthotic cases and assists individuals in reclaiming their goals and hobbies after amputation. Her hands-on experience in orthotics and prosthetics extends to patients of all ages, with a particular gift for working with children with disabilities, which is evident through her educational background, including a minor in Exceptional Education from James Madison University, as well as her prior work experience in the field.

Outside of work, Olivia enjoys many hobbies with her husband and dog, embracing a fulfilling and active lifestyle beyond her professional achievements. If the office is celebrating something, even as small as making it to the end of the week, she loves to surprise the staff with homemade cookies.

91 1 WHFC Harford Community College.png

In a recent episode of Harford Community College Radio Lab's Career Explorer podcast, Olivia shares her firsthand experience and passion for the Orthotic and Prosthetic field as she engages in a conversation with 91.1 WHFC producer Matt Terry, offering an inspiring glimpse into her daily work routine.


This particular episode not only educates but also instills admiration for the profound impact these dedicated professionals have in restoring mobility, confidence, and independence to individuals worldwide.

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