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Prosthetics // Upper Limb Prosthetics (Myoelectric)

Bebionic® Hand

As a multi-articulated prosthetic hand, the Bebionic® Hand features fingers with individual motors, 2 select-able thumb positions and 14 different grip patterns.


Ottobock Bebionic Hand

i-Limb® i-Digits™

i-Digits is a myoelectric partial hand prosthesis designed with independently motorized fingers and a manual rotating thumb that works in conjunction with any remaining digits.  Access is available with up to 12 pre-set grip options for both delicate movements and powerful grips.  All for a life without limitations.

Ossur i-Limb i-Digits

i-Limb® Quantum

​The Quantum a multi-articulating myoelectric hand.  It is crafted with titanium digits for 50% increase in carry load, up to 30% more grip force and 30% speed boost to enhance natural motion, strength and functionality.

Ossur i-Limb Quantum

Michelangelo® Hand

The Michelangelo features complex gripping kinematics, a natural, anatomical appearance and low weight.  The thumb drive permits electronic positioning.  Rotating the thumb outward creates a wide open palm, so that additional movement options are possible.

Ottobock Michelangelo Hand

Taska™ Hand

The Taska multi-articulating myoelectric hand is a robust, waterproof (submersible) terminal device for an active lifestyle.  The encoded laterally compliant fingers and high-speed thumb rotation give the precision needed for fine manipulation in everyday tasks.

Taska Hand

CoApt Myoelectric Pattern Recognition

Coapt’s Complete Control pattern recognition technology is a system that gets built into the myoelectric prosthesis and enables more natural, intuitive control of the arm.  It uses modern machine learning techniques to learn personal muscle patterns and easily translates those into prosthesis movements.

COAPT Pattern Recognition Software

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