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Prosthetics // Alloplastic Restoration

Real Life Prosthetics specializes in the design and creation of one-of-a-kind alloplastic restorations (aka high-def silicone prosthesis.) Regardless of your level of amputation, there is a solution to be found.  We treat each patient with passion and look towards their inward beauty while designing every prosthesis.


Partial hand and finger prostheses function in a variety of ways, in day-to-day life.  These prostheses may improve your ability to grasp objects securely with restored finger length, natural bend, and proprioceptive feedback.  For example, a thumb prosthesis restores the key function called, "opposition."  This describes the musculoskeletal potential of the thumb to touch or pinch against other fingers for stabilizing the grasped object.  A foot prosthesis replaces the amputated part of a foot and restores forefoot leverage to improve gait patterning (manner of walking) and symmetry.

Every alloplastic restoration is uniquely crafted with medical-grade silicone to avoid dermatological reactions, increase durability, and optimal proprioceptive feedback.


  • Partial/Total Hand Restoration

  • Finger/s Restoration

  • Partial/Total Foot Restoration

  • Toe/s Restoration

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