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Alloplastic Restoration (High-Definition Silicone Prostheses)

​​​At Real Life Prosthetics, we specialize in designing and creating one-of-a-kind alloplastic restorations, also known as high-definition silicone prostheses.  These prostheses are meticulously designed to restore mobility and functionality for partial hand and finger, as well as foot and toe amputations.  Regardless of your level of amputation, we are dedicated to finding the right solution to help you regain your mobility and reclaim your life.  Every patient is treated with genuine care and attention, recognizing their unique needs and inner beauty in every prosthesis we design.


With us, every patient is valued and cared for individually. We are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way on your journey to restoring your ability and independence.

  • Partial and Total Hand Restoration

  • Finger(s) Restoration

  • Partial and Total Foot Restoration

  • Toe(s) Restoration

Realistic High Definition Silicone Left Hand Prosthesis
Right Hand Silicone Finger Prostheses
High Definition Silicone Left Foot Prosthesis
Casting II
Casting III
Delivery Day!  At the follow up appointment trim lines will be blended.
Delivery Day!  For a alloplastic foot... at the follow up appointment trim lines will be blended.

At Real Life Prosthetics, we are dedicated to providing exceptional alloplastic restorations that enhance the lives of our patients.  Our expertise in creating high-definition silicone prostheses ensures that you regain both functionality and aesthetics in your daily life.

Our finger and hand prostheses are designed to significantly improve your ability to grasp objects securely.  By restoring finger length, natural bend, and proprioceptive feedback, these prostheses enable you to perform everyday tasks with ease.  


For instance, a thumb prosthesis restores the essential function of "opposition," allowing the thumb to touch or pinch against other fingers for a stable grip.  Each prosthesis is crafted to ensure both passive and active biomechanical function, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.  Adjustable armatures integrated into each finger facilitate specific grasping patterns, while medical-grade silicone ensures reduced skin reactions, increased durability, and optimal proprioceptive feedback.

Foot and toe prostheses are designed to restore forefoot leverage, improving gait patterning and symmetry.  Also to support optimum alignment of the sound foot, ensuring comfortable weight bearing within the prosthesis and the appearance of the foot.


To ensure symmetry and a perfect fit, we take precise casts of both the residual limb and your sound side. We also meticulously capture a myriad of unique skin tones, that are then hand-painted on each prosthesis to match your distinct coloring, creating a life-like appearance.​


During follow-up appointments, adjustments to the prosthesis trim lines are made to ensure a seamless transition from the prosthesis to the skin.  Beveling the edges of the prostheses involves creating a slight slope in the trim lines, which minimizes friction, shear forces, and the risk of skin irritation.

Every alloplastic restoration at Real Life Prosthetics is uniquely crafted with medical-grade silicone, ensuring durability, reducing dermatological reactions, and providing optimal proprioceptive feedback.  We are dedicated to supporting each patient’s journey to regaining mobility and independence, treating every individual with the utmost care and attention.

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