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Real Life Prosthetics™  creates and designs unique orthotics that are custom made to each individual, specializing in custom knee-orthoses, custom ankle-foot orthoses, and even the latest AFO design of the future.


No more worries of misplacing the paper that has important information on how to care for your device... they will always be right here!


Please note that the Care & Use Instruction page is "password protected" and only accessible by current Real Life Prosthetic patients only.


An ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) is a hard brace worn on the lower leg that improves walking safety and efficiency for those with certain medical conditions.  AFOs provide gait stability, keep joints properly aligned, and help compensate for muscle weakness.


Here at Real Life Prosthetics we custom-make a variety of different ankle joint options and posterior stops to meet your specific needs which also include molded ankle-foot orthoses (MAFO). 

custom Molded Ankle-Foot Orthosis with Carbon-Infused Polypropylene
custom Leather Gauntlet Ankle-Foot Orthosis
custom Posterior Dynamic Element (PDE) Modular Compoiste Spring System Ankle-Foot Orthosis
custom Articulated Ankle-Foot Orthoses with Launchpad Pivot Joints X-Tension Bands for Dorsiflexion Resistance
custom Pediatric Night-Time Stretching Ankle-Foot Orthoses



We offer custom knee orthosis (KO) to protect athletes playing high risks sports, and to those post-injury or post-surgery. 


The knee brace is custom fit from a cast mold and digital leg scan, making sure extra protection is added to specific parts of the knee.  You can pick out what brace is best for you depending on the shape and size of your leg, your physical activity level, and seriousness of your osteoarthritis.  This custom knee orthoses will reduce pain, inflammation and joint stiffness, reduce tissue and bone degeneration, and increase activity level and physical fitness.


Orthotics - Knee Orthosis (KO)



We offer knee-ankle-foot orthosis (KAFO) which is a custom-molded plastic shell with contoured metal uprights and a variety of knee joints designed to provide support and correction to the knee, ankle and foot.


Orthotics - Knee-ankle-Foot Orthosis (KAFO)


A state-of-the-art technology that gives Prosthetists the ability to manipulate virtual models while moving the Tracer wand over a patient’s body, offering two key functions which are to capture shape and production.

Photo Oct 13, 10 01 39 AM.jpg


The Structure projects a unique infrared pattern of dots out in front of it, and the infrared camera uses that pattern of dots to visualize the shape and distance of objects.

wm 2021 12 21 - structure sensor for orthotics Steve.jpeg


Allows the visualization of the position of the body’s center while standing, and can be used to make effective the fixed alignment or to confirm the body posture during one’s trial fitting.

wm RLP today's technology structure sensor 4x parallel bars.jpeg


The C-Brace, a microprocessor-controlled leg orthosis, responds in real-time to everyday movements, ensuring safety, stability, and confidence for users. It enables individuals with leg paralysis to navigate uneven terrain, slopes, and stairs step-by-step, enhancing their ability to engage in activities with family and friends. Ideal for those with neurological lower limb conditions such as incomplete paraplegia or post-polio syndrome, the C-Brace offers newfound freedom and mobility.

The C-Brace is a microprocessor-controlled leg orthosis that responds to everyday movements and situations in real-time.

How does the C-Brace Work?

The C-Brace, comprising custom thigh, calf, and foot components, features a sensor system that measures knee flexion and angular acceleration. This enables real-time adjustment of hydraulic resistances and knee joint movement control based on the user's walking phase.


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Real Life Prosthetics strives to prevent limb loss through the provision of custom fabricated lower extremity orthoses that unload foot ulcerations and promote healing while the affected person remains mobile.


Our practitioners are trained and certified on the full line of OWLS™ systems for treating hindfoot, mid-foot, and forefoot ulcerations.


WHO - Heel/Forefoot
WHO - Chopart
WHO - Midfoot
Real Life Prosthetics Patient Custom Shark-O Orthotic.  Shark-O is a variation of the traditional Charcot Restraint Orthotic Walker (CROW)



The Charcot Restraint Orthotic Walker (CROW) is a type of custom-made brace that is designed to reduce pressure on the foot and the ankle.  If an area is damaged and the person does not feel it, they may continue to walk, creating more damage and not allowing the foot to heal. The damage may be at the skin level (an ulcer) or in the bones. The CROW protects the foot and ankle to allow for healing.



Also offered at Real Life Prosthetics is a neurostimulator that is a braceless AFO design of the advanced Functional Electrical (FES) Stimulation System for the treatment of Foot Drop caused by upper motor neuron injury such as  Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Stroke (CVA), Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury, Cerebral Palsy (CP) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

The WalkAide stimulates the common peroneal nerve to lift the foot during the gait cycle, a smoother and safer walking pattern.  WalkAide users have more freedom to walk with or without footwear, up and down the stairs, all directions or in any terrain.  This device is seen to improve walking speed with less fatigue, improve circulation, muscle condition, and bone density.



A scoliosis brace is designed to slow or stop progression of the spinal curvature caused by scoliosis.


Rigid braces put pressure on your spine in several places to help prevent it from curving more than it already has. Dynamic braces slow curve progression by retraining your body into maintaining a corrective posture.

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