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Still Relevant to the Commitment of Restoring Real Life Ability


Conversations with Rich Bennett



Unveiling the Future of Prosthetics


May 2023

In this insightful episode of Conversations with Rich Bennett, the focus is on the future of prosthetics. Jonas Seeberg, President and Clinical Director of Real Life Prosthetics™, shares his extensive experience as a Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist, including his work with Paralympic Gold Medalist Jessica Long. Michelle Gent, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, discusses her dedication to amputee rehabilitation and prosthetic training at Align Rehabilitation, along with her role as Vice-President of Orthotic & Prosthetic Activities Foundation (OPAF). Joanne Presbury, an inspiring patient, shares her journey embracing life with a prosthetic limb. The episode explores innovative techniques and advancements in prosthetic design.


the Future of Prosthetics


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Annoucements //

Expanding our Team


November 2023

Excited to introduce Mitch Stuchlik, CPO/LPO, to Real Life Prosthetics!  With a background in biomedical engineering and an impressive educational journey, Mitch brings a wealth of expertise to our clinical team.​  Mitch will be mainly in our Delaware offices.



Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


The Station

1815 W. 13th Street

Wilmington, DE

Flag Day

June 14, 2023

Real Life Prosthetics and Align Rehabilitation held a ribbon cutting ceremony, June 14, 2023, the opening of their 5th location at The Station in Wilmington, DE.


We want to thank the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce, New Castle County Executive, Matt Meyer, our family, friends, and the incredible local businesses that came out to show their support for Real Life Prosthetics and Align Rehabilitation.  We are all excited to start serving the community of Wilmington, and confident with our integrated team approach to prosthetic rehabilitation will positively impact the lives of amputees here in the community.

Ribbon Cutting for Wilmington June 14 2023.jpg
Real Life Prosthetics - from Govenors Office.jpg


Congratulations Olivia!!!


Resident to


Prosthetist-Orthotist (CPO)


June 2024

A big congratulations to Olivia, on your achievement of becoming a Certified Prosthetist-Orthotist (CPO)!!!  Your dedication and hard work have paid off, and we couldn't be prouder of your accomplishment!!!

ABC Certification is known for its rigorous testing, including written exams, simulations, and clinical patient management for both prosthetics and orthotics.  It's a true testament to your knowledge, skills, and commitment to providing the highest quality care in the field of prostheics and orthotics.

By becoming a CPO, you have joined an elite group of professionals who are at the forefront of improving lives and helping individuals regain their mobility.  Your expertise will make a significant impact on lives of many, and we know that you will continue to excel!

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!  This is just the beginning of a remarkable journey, and we can't wait to see the incredible things you will accomplish as a ABC Certified CPO!




Welcome's New Resident


June 2021

Olivia Tuck, MSPO, has joined the team at Real Life Prosthetics as the Resident Prosthetist/Orthotist.  When not working towards her CPO Certification, she enjoys riding motorcycles and staying active.


In the News //


April 7, 2023

The Baltimore Sun

A giant Step for Tony, with the help of a good therapist and a bionic knee

Commentary by Dan Rodricks 

The following spring, Gerst received his first above-knee prosthesis and started working with Jamin, an amputee specialist, in a room at Real Life Prosthetics in Abingdon.

With regular therapy, he made progress and was ready to go bionic by fall. The prosthetists at Real Life outfitted him with a Power Knee just before Christmas. They also gave him a microprocessor-controlled ankle.

The manufacturer of both devices is Ossur, a longtime prosthetics developer based in Iceland. Its website says the Power Knee “helps fill the absence of muscle power.” Gerst finds it particularly helpful when he needs to rise from a chair. He works with Jamin on that during therapy sessions.


December 2, 2022

The Baltimore Sun

Where Art and Science Meet

by Tony Roberts 

Joanne Presbury of Bel Air is a three-year amputee.  After Pressbury, 62, lost her leg to diabetes, her physical therapist referred her to Real LIfe Prosthetics for a replacement, she said.  Presbury lost all but one of her toes on her right foot, and lost her left leg up to her knee.  She not only found a place that got her to walk like she never lost a leg, but a company that cared about what she wants, she said.


In the Community //


Harford Community

College 91.1 FM

WHFC Presents:

Veterans SITREP


July 2023

Along with the Association of the United States Army we are proud to be sponsoring the Veterans SITREP radio series from WHFC, Harford Community College's ration station, which is debuting tonight, July 6, 2023, at 6:30 p.m. on 91.1 FM WHFC.  The radio series will provide a platform to connect vetearns, their families, friends and support networks to address veteran's issues and provide information about resouces that will help veterans in their lives.


Episodes can also be replayed anytime by clicking the link below:

WHFC Veterans SITREP radio series Jul 2023.jpeg


Harford Community College

91.1 FM WHFC Presents:


Career Explorers:  

A Future as an Orthotist &



May 2023

So you're good with your hands and you love helping people?  And your patient, kind, and detail oriented?  You could very well be on your way to considering the world of prosthetics and orthotics as your future career!  Our information specialist Olivia Slaughter from Real Life Prosthetics in Abingdon Maryland sits down with WHFC producer Matt Terry, and dives into a day in the life of her job.



Newark Post

New Castle County

Reader Approved


April 2023

Real Life Prosthetics is thrilled to announce that our Newark, DE office has been voted by the community as the winner of Newark Post Readers' Approved in the Orthotics and Prosthetics category.  This recognition serves as a testament to the trust we have built within the community over the years.

This was an opportunity for local businesses to be recognized and celebrated by the community they serve. We are deeply honored that the residents of Newark have shown their trust and support by selecting us as their preferred provider in the field of orthotics and prosthetics.


With a strong presence of over 15 years in Newark, Real Life Prosthetics is dedicated to delivering exceptional care to our patients.  Our certified and skilled team of professionals works diligently to provide customized solutions that enhance mobility, comfort, and overall well-being for individuals in need of orthotic and prosthetic devices.  


Real Life Prosthetics Newark Post Reader Approved Winner Apr 2023.jpg

Press Releases //

Real Life Prosthetics

Opens 5th Location in Wilmington, Delaware

June 2023

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for Wilmington, Delaware, was held on Flag Day, June 14th, 2023, were Real Life Prosthetics celebrated this milestone alongside esteemed guests, partners and community members.  The event honored with a tribute by New Castle County Executive, Matt Meyer, who express his deep admiration for the work Real Life Prosthetics and Align Rehabilitation.

Real Life Prosthetics

Celebrates 22-Years in Harford County and New Partnership

May 2023

At Real Life Prosthetics, the team believes taht advanced medical science and engineering are essential, but personalized care is what makes the real difference in the lives of patients.  They take the time to get to know each patient personally and involve them in every step of their rehabilitation process.

In the last year, Real Life Prosthetics has partnered with Align Rehabilitation to create a model of patient care that optimizes patient outcomes.  This collaboration combines the best of both worlds --- clinical expertise of CPOs and the movement expertise of PTS --- to provide patients with the most effective and efficient care possible.

Real Life Prosthetics believes that every victory starts with small steps by offering their patients the respect, caring support, and physical resources they need to overcome their challenges. T he company is with their patients every step of the way, sharing their journey and celebrating their victories.

Real Life Prosthetics

Celebrates 21-Years in Harford County


May 2022

"I am very excited for our team at Real Life Prosthetics and look forward to a bright future!  With our expanding team of professionals, technological advances, in-house rehabilitation, in-house manufacturing, and additional locations, we are able to better serve those facing limb loss and disability.  Although healthcare has become a very intense ride for O&P providers, our vision remains unchanged as a privately-owned company.  We exist to help persons with disabilities lead more active, independent lifestyles, through the use of cutting edge technology and expert clinical care.", said Jonas W. Seeberg, CPO/LPO, FAAOP, Founder and President of Real Life Prosthetics.

Real Life Prosthetics

Celebrates 20-Years in Harford County


May 2021

"I cannot believe that it has been over twenty-years since Real Life Prosthetics opened its doors to Harford County!  We have created many unique prosthetic and orthotic devices over the years and our passion to restore the lives of those faced with disability remains unchanged.  You cannot put into words the incredible joy that overflows when witnessing the success of somebody transitioning from a state of disability to independent mobility.  This is what keeps our passion alive at Real Life Prosthetics!", said Jonas W. Seeberg, CPO/LPO, FAAOP, Founder and President of Real Life Prosthetics.

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