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Will McComas, CTPO

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"Technology for making leg/ankle braces was amazing!"

~ Paul C.

William C. McComas, CTPO, joined Real Life Prosthetics (RLP) in 2014. Since his first day at RLP, he has consistently risen to meet challenges, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to our mission of restoring ability to our patients.


At the end of 2022, William was promoted to the position of Technical Director. His role as an ABC Certified Prosthetic Orthotic Technician (CTPO) is pivotal in providing essential technical support to our clinical team. This promotion is a testament to his dedication, leadership, and expertise.


In addition to his new responsibilities, William remains a driving force in our team's ongoing efforts to advance RLP. He actively explores emerging fabrication technologies, materials, and techniques, with the aim of incorporating cutting-edge solutions into our services, thus enhancing the quality of life for our patients.


Beyond his professional commitments, William is a family-oriented, married and the father of three sons, and a truly remarkable canine companion, Apollo. His unwavering commitment to excellence in both his professional and personal life reflects the core values of RLP, making him a valuable asset to our mission.

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In a recent episode of Harford Community College Radio Lab's Career Explorer podcast, Will shares his start and passion for the Orthotic and Prosthetic field as he engages in a conversation with 91.1 WHFC producer Matt Terry, offering an inspiring glimpse into his daily work routine.


This particular episode not only educates but also instills admiration for the profound impact these dedicated professionals have in restoring mobility, confidence, and independence to individuals worldwide.

April 2024

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