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Hip Disarticulation (HD) (Lower Extremity Amputation)

Helix 3D

The Helix 3D prosthetic hip uses groundbreaking technology to give you a more natural walk. With its three-dimensional pelvic rotation, the Helix mimics the natural movement of the human body, unlike other prosthetic “hinged” hips. 

The unique Helix design also helps you start your step more smoothly, improves toe clearance and makes it easier to extend your leg during walking.


The results are dramatic. You’ll spend much less energy thinking about your next step, and experience less pain in your back and joints.



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Restoring Real Life Ability

At Real Life Prosthetics, we get that our patients aren't just numbers; they're part of a lifelong bond with their prosthetist. We're here to celebrate their victories, stand by them through the tough spots, and remain solid in our dedication to making sure they never walk alone. Every step of the way, we're here, providing a level of support that's truly priceless.

Hip Disarticulation... first prosthesis.
Hip Disarticulation; second socket is being fabricated.
Test fitting for a Hip Disarticulation.
2nd socket test fitting for a hip disarticulation.
Delivery Day!  With a Helix 3D hip and C-Leg... you've come a long way!
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