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Russ W. | Unilateral Transtibial Amputee


On the morning of November 17, 1995, while traveling to work, I was hit head-on by another vehicle.  When I awoke some 21-days later, I learned I had lost my left leg above the knee due to complications during and after surgery from a ruptured aorta.  Ironically, that was the leg that suffered not even a scratch while my right leg was severely injured.  I spent approximately two-months at the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center and another two-months at Kernan Rehabilitation Center.


In April of 1996, I received my first prosthesis and to my amazement, knew how to use it immediately (with crutches of course).  Since 1996, I have had plenty of prosthetic legs and lots of success.  My most recent prosthesis has a microprocessor knee and a multi-axial dynamic response carbon composite foot.  This leg is incredible, in the way of speed and gait control.  The microprocessor unit regulates its speed to match my gait and allows me to walk smoothly without having to think about it.  My wife, family, and friends all agree my gait has improved by at least 90% (no joke).

I golf occasionally, play tennis, and ironically drag race a 9-second Chevy Nova that I own with my father.  If I can give any advice to an amputee, it would be to go with your gut feelings.  I do and have not lost yet.  I wish all amputees as much success as I have had.  By far this is my best experience yet and I owe a lot of thanks and gratitude to Real Life Prosthetics, without these guys it would not be possible.  Thank you very much!

Russ W.

Real Life Prosthetics' Patient since 2001

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