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Sandra J. Yeater, CFO

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"I am very satisfied with my experience with RLP.  Everyone from the practitioners to the office staff have been professional, friendly and supportive of my needs and concerns.  I would definitely recommend your practice to anyone in need."

~ Betty G.

Sandra J. Yeater, CFO, has had a career spanning since 1992 in the Orthotic & Prosthetic Industry. She serves as the Chief Financial Officer, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to Real Lie Prosthetics.


Sandra's role is multifaceted, as she expertly manages and oversees the myriad aspects of running a small business. Her responsibilities encompass everything from financial management and insurance to the critical task of accreditation for all five offices. In addition, she takes charge of the office staff, spearheading hiring processes, establishing policies and procedures, and organizing company events.


Beyond her professional accomplishments, Sandra's personal life reflects her dedication to family and faith. She married her high school sweetheart, and together, they have a son. Sandra's passions extend to her love for the Lord, a deep appreciation for the game of baseball, and cherishing precious moments with her family and friends.


Sandra's enduring commitment to the success of Real Life Prosthetics and her unwavering dedication to both her professional and personal life are emblematic of the core values that define our mission and the company's culture.

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